morakniv garberg bushcraft knife carbon
morakniv garberg bushcraft knife carbon
morakniv garberg bushcraft knife carbon
morakniv garberg bushcraft knife carbon

Garberg Bushcraft Knife Carbon

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Morakniv Garberg Black Carbon Fixed Blade Knife

This blackened Carbon full tang knife is designed to meet the long-time wishes from our most dedicated users, as well as the desires of the knife lovers that haven’t yet discovered the world of Morakniv.

The knife is developed to handle the most challenging tasks it may be exposed to. Our full tang model is the most robust knife we’ve ever made and has a genuine Morakniv design. We’ve used the best and most rugged materials in every part of the knife, from the handle to the blade. As with all our knives, it’s produced in our own factory in Mora, Sweden according to our SGM® (Steel Grade Mora) standard. The blade has a Scandi-grind profile that makes it easy to keep sharp and a ground spine compatible with a fire starter. The blade has a DLC coating: a dark, hard, scratch-resistant coating. It is very thin, only about 1.5μm. The coating helps to protects the carbon steel from corrosion.

Garberg Carbon Features

  • OTO (One Tool Option) knife
  • Blackened blade to give it a forced style patina to protect it from further corrosion
  • Carbon is easier to hone or sharpen than Stainless Steel
  • The high Carbon content also makes it a viable emergency tool for making Flint and Steel type fire/ignition
  • The 90 degree spine on this Knife makes this tool a great tinder processor
  • Best length for any blade is between 4-6"
  • Garberg has a thick enough blade for heavy Batoning but yet not so thick that it becomes useless for finer work like making feather sticks or carving needed camp tools.
  • The Garberg employs a revolutionary grip material and a pattern molded into the handle
  • Very reliant to abrasion and wear
  • Perfect blend of the Scandinavian style Forrest Knife, the Modern form of a Bushcraft Blade, and the OTO features need for a good Survival Tool.

Multi-Mount Sheath System

Multi-Mount is a versatile mounting solution for Morakniv Garberg. You can mount the knife almost wherever you want, and you can attach and detach it fast. Of course it’s also possible to take the knife directly out of its sheath for even faster use. Together with the Multi-Mount fastening system, your knife is just seconds away. Place it on your snowmobile, canoe, or ATV - when the knife is placed in the holder it can take a bumpy ride on any vehicle. Attach and detach the knife from the mount in just a couple of seconds. Of course, it is also possible to just take the knife straight out of the sheath and use it. It is compatible with the MOLLE standard mounting system, and has strategically placed screw holes and slots for different types of straps.