Best Biking Trails Near Prescott, ON

On the Trail’s Top 5 Places to Ride 

Biking in nature is easy when you know where the best trails are! Spending time in nature has shown to have great benefits for your health as it helps lower stress levels and increases your overall fitness. As enthusiasts for getting outside and unplugged, we gathered our favourite (and best) biking trails that can be ridden year-round!


McIntosh Mills

Located in Mallorytown, McIntosh Mills is a great place for all types of trails--hiking, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and of course, biking. While some biking trails are still in the works, the club does have x/c novice to expert trails for bikers through a forested area and over escarpment rock. 

More info: On the Trail Facebook Group or MacMills

Limerick Forest

As Leeds & Granville’s community forest, Limerick Forest contains many multi-purpose trails across its 5782 hectares that include wetlands and an assortment of flora and fauna. While there are many trails to explore, our favourites are the Forsythe Pit, Forsythe North and the Interpretive Centre ‘Chalet Loop Trail,’ all located in ‘Limerick South.’ 

More info: Limerick Forest

Cedar Grove Rail Trail

This trail boasts an extensive mutli-use trail system. With so many options you can explore on your bike for hours and take in some beautiful nature. 

More info: Contact On the Trail for more details.


Larose Forest 

With 180km of hiking and mountain biking trails in the summer and 60km for fat biking, snowshoeing or cross-country skiing in the winter, Larose Forest in Russell, Ontario has many different options to explore. Take a ride through the forest and experience wildlife and getting completely unplugged in nature. 

More info: Larose Forest

Our last trail suggestion is any trail that’s close to you! A part of discovering new places is getting out to a trail you’ve never tried or may not have considered before. You never know when you’re going to find your next favourite viewpoint, peaceful forest or serene lake. Let us know if you try any of these trails and what some of your favourites are!